Are you looking for fine jewelers in Scottsdale Arizona? is a proud affiliate of E.D. Marshall Jewelers. Established in 1971, E.D. Marshall Jewelers has become the stable for fine jewelers In Scottsdale with their prestigious selection of fine jewelry.

E.D. Marshall has jewelry buying operations all over the country. From these buying operations, E.D. Marshall takes the finest pieces of jewelry, and puts them in the North Scottsdale location’s showcase. It’s some of the finest jewelry in all of Arizona. The estate section of E.D. Marshall is massive, showing over 600 individual pieces of fine jewelry, from Brooches, necklaces, rare Cameos, pins, earrings and some beautiful Native American jewelry.

Are you interested in selling your fine jewelry in Scottsdale? E.D. Marshall Jewelers will most likely buy it from you. We purchase anything that holds a good market /resale value. Unless its scrap gold/silver, you can feel pride knowing your items will most likely be resold for someone else to enjoy.

If you have never visited E.D. Marshall’s North Scottsdale location, you need to, especially if you are on the hunt for fine jewelry in Scottsdale. Each section of the store is marvelous in its own right. When you walk in, you have a beautiful selection of pearls, diamonds, and gemstones. To the right are the estate pieces, and down at the end are the 500+ watches on display (from 30+ different world renowned brands.) If fine jewelry Scottsdale is what you crave, E.D. Marshall Jewelers is your only destination.

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